The Heritage Department’s Mission Is

To preserve and protect the Outstanding Universal Value of the Antigua Naval Dockyard and Related Archaeological Sites and the historical sites and features of significance to Antigua and Barbuda. The department aims to continue developing and expanding elements of the heritage tourism product whilst educating the wider populace.

This dedicated department conducts assessments of heritage assets, coordinates with scholars, carries out its own research, and works closely with the other departments in the National Parks to protect the authenticity and integrity of the World Heritage Site and the uniqueness of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park.

Conservation & Stabilization

The largest artifacts in the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park are the dozens of historic buildings and ruins. Maintaining these buildings and ruins takes a comprehensive conservation and stabilization program which retains the authenticity and integrity of the historic character of the features, sites, and surrounding landscapes.

As a matter of policy, the National Parks has identified stabilization of the historic fabric as an ethical and practical priority, especially with the more than sixty stone structures within the World Heritage Site alone. Stabilization means that intervention efforts are limited to those which will protect the existing historical fabric through targeted interventions to limit and slow down the rates of decay. For a stone wall, for example, this may mean adding new layers of lime mortar, replacing worn stones, or building up eroded areas to increase stability. All interventions are documented so that a record exists for future conservation projects.

Active Research

To date, the Heritage Department has identified more than 120 archaeological and heritage sites in the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, and hundreds more around the rest of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. Developmental Pressures The expansion of coastal development initiatives can prove detrimental to many marine ecosystems. These developments are often paired with some degradation of the nearby environment. To better understand how the NPA is dealing with the issue of developments, see Management.

History And Archaeology Bibliography

Want to learn more about history and archaeology research in Antigua? Browse our research bibliography of published and student research on Antigua’s past.


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